Wednesday, April 18, 2012

¡Yo soy Señor Blog!

Hey friends.  

     So, this is the new blog of your old pal, Neil.  This is the place I'll be turning to to share news and thoughts on important things, and I hope you turn to this blog to get the said news and thoughts.

     The focus here will be centered on Neil, the Rocker, which is - all in all - pretty overarching; hence, the contents shall include:

  • gig news
  •  gig recaps
  • other news
  • other recaps
  • questions & conversations with you, the intelligent & appreciative audience
  • any other tidbits about me & my life that I decide to leave open for public scrutiny
  • "detailed things"
  • cool, creative things
  • **Rock Philosophy**
     I feel that we are currently living in a time devoid of Rock Philosophers, so this blog is here to pick up that slack from time to time.  However, this blog is not about Rock Evangelism {as no matter the subject, nothing is more annoying than a preachy jackass.}  Rather, the goal shall be to incite thought and promote dialogue {so y'all can make up yerr own damn mind.}

     *Rock Philosophy shall include meditations on the nature of Rock, investigations of the evolution of Rock & commerce, and treatises on art & music in our time.

     Yes, the thoughts about Rock that have long kept me up at night and that I have only shared in the past with my closest Rock confidantes shall now - from time to time - be shared with you, the web community.

     But, aside from all this heavy shit, this blog will just be a cool place for expression and for ideas that one may not get from just my music.

     I do hope you enjoy it.

                                                   Your pal,


  1. I don't know much about rock philosophy (I mean do the Godz really speak esperanto or what?)...but the philosophy of The Song, now that is something I can dig.

  2. Dig it!! phil o song would assuredly fit under the umbrella of rock philosophy; and I'm certain you would be an authority on that. You know, I searched out that Lester Bangs article online but it did not readily reveal itself. If you wouldn't mind pointing me in it's direction, I would be obliged. Thanks, Wes!!

  3. It's in a book of his writing, Psychotic Reactions and Carbuerator Dung. Parts of it are also in the liner notes from the first Godz album. I have Psychotic Reactions. I can toss it in my trunk and the next time we meet I will pass it your way.

    I am no authority!! I just like songs man. I wasn't born in a vacuum so most all of my paltry ideas are recycled anyway.

    Let's hang soon.

  4. I am really looking forward to the Rock Philosophy, personally.