Thursday, April 26, 2012

Howie & Wilhelm ...Together at Last


     Boy, the last few months have been a handful.  Two hands full.  {In a good way.}  We are now about a month into spring, but here is a list of odd jobs, random tasks, and peculiar preoccupations that have filled my heart and mind over the past winter months (all while spending my time in the California desert.):

  • produced music for three artists:  Jimi Austin James, Builder Bill Ammon, and the boot-stompin', field-hollerin' Dusty McCluster & the Musty-Must
  • produced my own music
  • wrote, produced, & premiered a play:  The Luana Diaries or Reasonabilities Pertaining to... or So Help Me Turnip!?!?
  • had six professional photo shoots (all happy accidents through random encounters)
  • got three journalistic reviews
  • setup and connected five internet things to my bandpage to turn the wheels of internet hoopla in my favor.  Now turn, wheels, TUURRNN!!!!
  • combed the internet, volumes of personal notes, and various print references in the efforts of booking my tour for late spring/summer
  • planned my invasion of college radio stations the world over.
  • was the subject of two video journalists' work
  • {actually, was the subject of a few more European journalists' work, now that I think about it}
  • conspired with a few rock confidantes to create more video content to share with you all
                                                    6 photo shoots
                                                +  5 web widgets
                                                +  4 rock albums
                                                +  3 write ups
                                                +  2 video clips
                                                +  1 guy
                                                +  a boat-load of other stuff
                                     ( eeEEAAAAARRRGGGHH!!!!!!!)
{a Howie Scream, but a fulfilled Howie Scream,  with maybe a few exasperated Wilhelm Screams thrown into the mix}

     A lot of this stuff is still a work in progress (really, a lot of this stuff will forever be a work in progress.)  I'm on the case.  I came across this image last night and it definitely got me thinking...


     However, the following disclaimer must be made:  Although I may make it sound like I am going it alone, there have been many people who have been generous with their time, effort, energy, & resources in helping me get this far.  You know who you are, and you have my deepest thanks.

     There are a lot of new things coming to you in the near future, friends.  I very much look forward to sharing it all with you.  Check in soon.

                                                      Your pal,


  1. I am so glad that we met in Omaha last summer. You have been such an inspiration and I wish all the best to you.

    1. If this is who I think it is... then rest assured that that ending shout-out went out to you & your friends. Thanks for giving me a place to stay that night, and for generally being awesome. I'll definitely be coming through Omaha again in July. I'll for sure be seeing you then, friend. Peace!!!