Thursday, September 4, 2014

Chad & Will & Ben & Me: a Short Narrative


a while ago I decided to share this story on FB.  I've decided that bloggers of the world should hear about this too.  it still gives me good feels.

**okay so this Chad Smith//Will Ferrell//Drum Off clip really warms my heart for a few reasons. lemme tell you why:

one time back in 2010 Chad Smith showed up to do a drum-clinic thing at the Musician's Institute in Hollyweirdland. my friend Ben was a student there & he very graciously got me in.

it turned out to be a much bigger event than I was anticipating & the big theatre at MI was packed. Ben & I wound up snagging the last couple seats in the very back.

the theatre went dark for a minute, & in that time my friend Ben asked me what I would ask Chad about during the Q&A. I told him I would probably ask Chad about his thoughts on electronic music. I asked Ben what he might say to Chad, & he wasn't too sure. I told Ben he should probably ask Chad how often people say he looks like Will Ferrell.

*the lights came up so that the MC could introduce Chad, and it was then that Ben & I realized Chad was standing right next to us in the back of the darkened theatre*

Chad wound up promenading down the isle seemingly unfazed by my smartass comment, & the presentation began. he had a band of jam-buddies with him, & he introduced all of them with funny nicknames. lastly, he introduced himself by saying: "AND, I'M WILL FERRELL."

the band then proceeded to melt peoples faces off with their virtuosic powers.

toward the end of the symposium the Q&A came up, & I think both Chad & I were kind of disappointed with the students' questions. they were mostly asking stuff a person could google, literally like 'how much money do you make? how long does it take to tour? who gets credit for what?' kind of stuff.

eventually, Chad said 'alright, this should probably be the last question' & started looking around. at this point, I had to brace my arm & stand on my chair, because I just didn't want it to end that unceremoniously.

I was in the very back, but Chad looked across the theatre & pointed me out. then he said: 'yeah, over there.. the young lady in the back.. ..'

I sort of immediately blurted out: 'I'M A DOOD.' and, the place erupted.

Chad did seem to be fazed by that & he immediately started saying into the mic: 'OH MAN, IT'S JUST.. I MEAN.. I DIDN'T.. YOUR HAIR!!'

I mean it was no big deal, it was all very funny, but Chad then took it upon himself to run across the whole theatre to the very back where I was, & give me a big hug. we had this great embrace in the back of the theatre to great applause.

I got to ask Chad my question about music, and he listened intently and answered thoroughly & earnestly.

I guess I somehow feel a little scrimplin part of this clip in like a new-ager, cosmo-mysterio sort of way. if I am or ain't doesn't really matter though, it's just fun to watch. I get good feels watchin this, & I think Chad Smith is a cool dood.**

I hope you enjoyed that one, for what it's worth.  I sure did & still do.

                                                      Your pal,

PS  a while back someone inquired: 'so what did you ask Chad anyway?'  

I responded:  well, to be specific about it, I think I asked him: 'I read that the album By The Way was very influenced by electronic music, which I can hear in a certain kind of way, but The Zephyr Song is the only track that begins with electronic drums. I think there's no denying that electronic music is the way of the future, but in the past there has been a classical antagonism between drummers & drum-machines. so, my question to you is was that electronic drum intro your idea? if it wasn't, how did you react to it? and, would you do more of that kind of thing in the future?'

 I think he seemed a little taken aback after the earlier Q&A stuff, he kind of scratched his head & said, 'wow.. good question.' he thought for a minute & asserted something like: 'yeah I don't think it was my idea.. I think it was John's. but that's what a real band does, they try out each other's ideas at least once, even if it's not something you immediately gravitate towards, because sometimes you'll be surprised.. I gotta tell ya though, I've got to have that drum track cranked in my monitor when we play, because when it's just me on a riser & three little guys, & 90,000 people in front of us, and I'm a little bit off from the loop, that's when I get - THE LOOK - from my band! you know what I mean!? THE HAIRY EYEBALL!?!? as for would we do more of that in the future.. hmm.. I don't know we'll see..'

yes, Chad Smith is a cool dood indeed.